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Beaver Dam App Now Available

July 21, 2014

Scientists are studying how beavers could be used as a tool for stream restoration and mitigating impacts of climate change on Utah's water supply. Watershed scientist at Utah State University have created a smartphone app and are asking people to track these furry builders so they can better model which waterways would benefit the most from their help.


Dust in the Wind

July 17, 2014

Utah’s hatu winds peak in the spring months with a secondary peak in August-September. In spring these windy freight trains full of dust can hit the populated Wasatch Front wreaking havoc with air quality and human health.


Sandhill Cranes, Utah's Meadow Dansers

July 15, 2014

The grace of sandhill cranes draws our attention when we see them in the marshes, meadows, and fields across northern Utah. Mark Larese-Casanova tells us more.


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