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Environment & Society
Name Title Email
Alsop, Dr. Ted J. Emeritus
Baker, Dr. Barry Adjunct Associate Professor (bioclimatology, climate change, ecosystem modeling, and human ecology)
Brain, Dr. Roslynn Assistant Professor: Sustainable Communities, Proenvironmental Behavior Change, Nonformal Teaching Techniques
Brunson, Dr. Mark W. Professor & Department Head (human ecology, environment-behavior interactions)
Burr, Dr. Steven W. Associate Professor (Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resources- Based Tourism)
Carte, Lindsey Post Doctoral Fellow
Ceurvorst, Dr. Robyn Assistant Professor (Recreation Resource Management)
Conte, Dr. Chris Associate Professor dual appointment with History
Coppock, Dr. D. Layne Professor (Human dimensions and applied ecology in rangelands and small-farm systems; international development; adoption-diffusion of innovations; action research methods)
Craig, Dr. Cliff B. Emeritus
Edwards, Jr., Dr. Thomas C. Research Ecologist, U.S. Geological Survey, Biological Resources
Emmons, Dr. Nichlas Native Americans (Kispoko Shawnee) and natural resource management
Endter-Wada, Dr. Joanna Program Director (NEPA Graduate Certificate); Associate Professor (Natural Resource & Environmental Policy; Water Management & Planning; Human Ecology).
Frazer, Dr. Nat B. Professor (Sustainability; science literacy; STEM education; interaction of politics, religion, and science)
Freeman, Larry Senior Instructor, Fellow with The Shipley Group, Inc.
Gilbert, Lael Outreach Specialist-Environmental Restoration
Glenn, Diana T. Research Associate, Urban Water Conservation Research Lab
Hirst, Becky SR Staff Assistant
Howe, Dr. Peter Assistant Professor (Human-Environment Geography)
Jones, Tracy SR Staff Assistant
Kennedy, Dr. James J. Emeritus
Krannich, Dr. Richard Dual Appointment with ENVS
Kurtzman, Judy A. Professional Practice Instructor: Natural Resources and Environmental Policy, NEPA
Middleton, Barbara Interpretive Specialist
Monz, Dr. Christopher Associate Professor (Recreation ecology, outdoor recreation, and wilderness management)
Radel, Dr. Claudia Associate Professor (International development, political ecology, feminist geography: Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa)
Romesburg, Dr. Charles Professor (Environmental Decision Making, Natural Resources Research Methods and Survey Sampling, Bioethics)
Schmidt, Dr. Robert H. Associate Professor (Wildlife Policy and Human Dimensions, Wildlife Damage Management)
Smith, Michael Senior Instructor: Environmental with The Shipley Group, Inc.
Solomon, Rhey Senior Instructor, Environmental with The Shipley Group, Inc.
Stephens, Kate Adjunct Instructor (environmental education)
Strand, Holly Research Associate/Science Communications Specialist
Tainter, Dr. Joseph Professor (Social conflict in environmental issues, human responses to climate change and environmental degradation, human uses of energy and resources).
Thom, Dr. Derrick Emeritus
Toth, Richard E. Professor (Bioregional Planning & Water Resources Management)
Yost, Emily