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Name Title Email
Adler, Dr. Peter Associate Professor (Plant Community Ecology)
Alsop, Dr. Ted J. Emeritus
Atwood, Trisha Assistant Professor (ecosystem ecology, predator-prey dynamics, biogeochemistry)
Aubry, Dr. Lise M. Assistant Professor
Axford, David Researcher II - Taxonomist
Baggio, Jacopo Assistant Professor (Research Interests: Networks, Social-Ecological System Modeling and Analysis)
Bailey, Brian Staff Assistant II
Bailey, Ellen Program Coordinator
Bailey, Marsha Staff Assistant III
Baker, Dr. Frederick A. Emeritus Associate Professor (Forest Pathology, Computer Applications)
Baker, Dr. Matthew Adjunct Assistant Professor
Baker, Dr. Michelle Adjunct Professor (Aquatic Ecology)
Baldwin, Ben Project Coordinator III
Bangen, Sara Researcher
Banner, Dr. Roger E. Emeritus Associate Professor (Range Extension Specialist)
Barr, Lana Administrative Assistant SR
Beard, Dr. Karen H. Professor (Conservation Biology)
Belmont, Dr. Patrick Assistant Professor (watershed hydrology,sediment dynamics, geomorphology, morphodynamics)
Belmont, Shannon GIS Instructor and Water Resources Researcher
Belton, Lorien R. Program Coordinator II
Bennett, Stephen Researcher, Restoration Scientist
Beorchia, Mykel Academic Advisor I
Bierschwale, Carol Budget Officer II
Bissonette, Dr. John A. Emeritus Professor (Landscape Ecology, Terrestrial Vertebrate Ecology, Wildlife Management)
Bouwes, Dr. Nicolaas Adjunct Assistant Professor (Fish Habitat)
Box, Dr. Thadis W. Emeritus Professor (Range Management)
Brain, Dr. Roslynn Assistant Professor (Research Interests: sustainable communities, proenvironmental behavior change, nonformal teaching techniques)
Brunson, Dr. Mark W. Professor (Research Interests: human ecology, environment-behavior interactions)
Budy, Dr. Phaedra Professor and Unit Leader. U.S. Geological Survey - Utah Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit (Aquatic Research Ecologist)
Burr, Dr. Steven W. Associate Professor (Research Interests: outdoor recreation and natural resources- based tourism)
Burritt, Beth Extension Associate Professor
Busby, Dr. Fee Professor (Effects of Livestock Grazing)
Caldwell, Dr. Martyn M. Emeritus Professor (Plant Physiological Ecology)
Call, Dr. Christopher A. Emeritus Professor (Vegetation Manipulation/Management)
Carte, Dr. Lindsey Postdoctoral Fellow
Chuon, Joyce Accounting II, Business Service Center
Conner, Dr. Mary Research Associate Professor (Animal Population Ecology, Mark-resight Estimation and Analysis)
Conover, Dr. Michael Professor (Berryman Institute, Animal Behavior, Wildlife Damage Management)
Conrad, Melanie Program Coordinator (MNR and NEPA)
Conte, Dr. Chris Associate Professor dual appointment with History
Cook, Samuel J. Researcher I
Coppock, Dr. D. Layne Professor (Research Interests: human dimensions and applied ecology in rangelands and small-farm systems, international development, adoption-diffusion of innovations, action research methods)
Costa, Jodi Ecology Center
Courtwright, Jennifer Aquatic Ecologist/Project Manager
Crabb, Benjamin Alan Researcher I
Craig, Dr. Cliff B. Emeritus
Cramer, Dr. Patricia C. Research Assistant Professor (Transportation ecology, wildlife connectivity, carnivore and ungulate movement)
D'Antonio, Dr. Ashley Postdoctoral Fellow
Dahlgren, Dr. David Education Specialist II
Davis, M. Lee Researcher II
DeMeurichy, Kenny Research Technician SR
Derrick, Rhonda Staff Assistant
Dettenmaier, Megan Extension Educator
Downs, Ricky Financial Officer
du Toit, Dr. Johan Professor (Ecology and Conservation of Large Mammals
Dueser, Dr. Ray Emeritus Professor (Conservation Ecology)
Durham, Susan Programmer/Analyst
Edgar, Jonathan Project Coordinator I (Camp Williams Project)
Edwards, Jr., Dr. Thomas C. Research Ecologist, U.S. Geological Survey, Biological Resources
Eke, Esther Postdoctoral Fellow
Endter-Wada, Dr. Joanna Professor and Program Director (NEPA Graduate Certificate Program); (Research Interests: natural resource & environmental policy, water management & planning, human ecology).
Etchberger, Dr. Rich Professor (Wildlife-Habitat Interactions and Natural Resources Education)
Follstad Shah, Dr. Jennifer Adjunct Assistant Professor
Frazer, Dr. Nat B. Professor (Research Interests: sustainability, science literacy, STEM education, interaction of politics, religion, and science)
Freeman, Larry Senior Instructor, Fellow with The Shipley Group, Inc.
French, Megan E Accounting Assistant II
Frey, Dr. Shandra Nicole Extension Assistant Professor (Berryman Institute, Resolution of Human-Wildlife Conflict)
Gaeta, Jereme Assistant Professor (Fish ecology, Invasive ecology, Predator-prey dynamics)
Garrard, Christine M. Research Associate
Gese, Dr. Eric M. Professor (USDA National Wildlife Research Center, Predator Behavior and Ecology)
Gibson, Jacob Ryan Research Technician III
Gilbert, Dr. Barrie Emeritus Assistant Professor (Wildlife Ethology, Behavioral Ecology)
Gilbert, Jordan Researcher
Gilbert, Lael Outreach Specialist-Environmental Restoration
Gillies, Dr. Robert R. Adjunct Professor
Glenn, Diana T. Research Associate, Urban Water Conservation Research Lab
Goede, Dr. Ronald G. Emeritus Professor (Fisheries)
Greene, Brian Program Coordinator I
Hammill, Edd Assistant Professor (community ecology and conservation planning)
Hart, Rae Ann F. Staff Assistant III
Hawkins, Dr. Charles Professor and Interim Department Head (Stream Ecology, Aquatic Biodiversity, Ecological Assessment)
Hensleigh, James Geospatial Programmer and Analyst
Hernandez, Dr. Alexander Remote Sensing Scientist
Hillyard, Traci Administrative Assistant
Hirst, Becky SR Staff Assistant
Hooker, Toby Adjunct Assistant Professor
Howe, Dr. Frank DWR University Research Liaison (Avian Ecology, Wildlife Ecology and Management)
Howe, Dr. Peter Assistant Professor (Research Interests: human-environment geography)
Hulvey, Dr. Kristin Assistant Professor (Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, ecosystem services, restoration ecology, invasion biology)
Huntly, Nancy Director - Ecology Center and Professor of Biology
James, Wes Systems Specialist
Jenkins, Dr. Michael J. Associate Professor (Disturbance Ecology and Management, Insects, Fire, Snow Avalanches)
Jin, Dr. Jiming Associate Professor (Hydro-meteorological Modeling)
Jones, Robin Researcher II
Jones, Tracy SR Staff Assistant
Kartchner, Brian Student Staff Assistant in the Dean's Office
Kelley, Enid Staff Assistant SR
Kelsey, Kay Accounting Assistant II
Kennedy, Dr. James J. Emeritus
Kettenring, Dr. Karin M. Associate Professor (wetland plant ecology, restoration ecology, wetland management, invasive plant ecology and management)
King, Dr. Michael M. Associate Professor
Knowlton, Dr. Frederick Emeritus Professor (Predator Ecology and Behavior Project, Predator Ecology, Behavior and Management)
Koons, Dr. David N. Associate Professor (Animal Population Ecology)
Kotynek, Joseph Researcher II - Taxonomist
Krannich, Dr. Richard Dual Appointment with ENVS
Kuhns, Dr. Michael R. Department Head and Professor (Forestry Extension Specialist, Urban Forestry, Tree Physiology)
Kulmatiski, Dr. Andrew Assistant Professor (Plant-Soil Interactions)
Kumarasamy, Karthik Postdoctoral Research Associate
Kurtzman, Judy A. Adjunct Instructor
Landom, Kevin Project Coordinator I
Lant, Dr. Christopher Professor & Department Head (Research Interests: Water resources management, ecosystem services, environmental policy)
Larese-Casanova, Mark Extension Assistant Professor (Environmental Education)
Larson, Nell Research Associate
Laub, Brian Postdoctoral Fellow
Leavitt, Shauna Business Assistant II
Loney, Sara Ecology Center
Long, Dr. James N. Professor (Forest Ecology, Silviculture)
Luecke, Dr. Chris Dean
Lutz, Dr. Jim Assistant Professor (Forest Community Ecology, Fire Ecology, Forest Demography)
Macfarlane, Wally Research Associate
MacKinnon, Peter Research Associate
MacNulty, Dr. Daniel Assistant Professor (Wildlife Ecology)
Majerova, Dr. Milada Research Associate
Malechek, Dr. John Emeritus Professor (Rangeland Management)
McAvoy, Darren J. Extension Program Associate
McGinty, Chris Assistant Director
McGinty, Ellie Researcher II
McHugh, Peter Researcher III
Mesner, Nancy O. Professor, Department of Watershed Sciences, Extension Specialist in Water Quality (Water Quality Monitoring & Policy; Watershed Management; Environmental Education)
Messmer, Dr. Terry A. Professor (Fisheries and Wildlife Extension Specialist, Wild Ungulate and Waterfowl Management, Wetlands Ecology, Private Land Management Conservation Communication), Quinney Professor for Wildlife Conflict Management, Associate Director, Outreach and Extension
Miller, Dr. Scott Director, National Aquatic Monitoring Center (Stream Ecology, and Biomonitoring)
Mock, Dr. Karen E. Associate Dean & Professor (Conservation Genetics and Molecular Ecology)
Monz, Dr. Christopher Associate Professor (Research Interests: recreation ecology, outdoor recreation, and wilderness management)
Muffoletto, Mary-Ann Public Relations Specialist
Naftz, Dr. David Adjunct Assistant Professor
Neale, Dr. Christopher Adjunct Professor
Neuhold, Dr. John M. Emeritus Professor (Aquatic Ecology)
Norton, Dr. Brien (Ben) Edward Emeritus Associate Professor (Grazing Ecology, International Range Management)
Null, Dr. Sarah Assistant Professor (water resource management, climate change)
O'Brien, Gary Fluvial Geomorphologist
Palacios, Patsy K. Library Director, Quinney Library
Parisi, Philip Managing Editor, Human-Wildlife Interactions
Paulding, Jon Development Director
Pederson, Joel Adjunct Assistant Professor
Portugal, Elijah Fluvial Geomorphologist
Provenza, Dr. Fred Emeritus Professor (Animal Behavior and Management)
Radel, Dr. Claudia Associate Professor (Research Interests: international development, political ecology, feminist geography: Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa)
Ramsey, Dr. R. Douglas Professor (Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Landscape Ecology, Spatial Analysis) Director, Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory
Renwick, Katherine Postdoctoral Fellow II
Romesburg, Dr. Charles Professor (Research Interests: environmental decision making, natural resources research methods and survey sampling, bioethics)
Roper, Dr. Brett B. Aquatic Monitoring Center-Program Leader (Stream Ecology and Habitat Relationships)
Saunders, Dr. Carl Senior Researcher, Fish Ecologist
Schaller, Dr. Howard Adjunct Assistant Professor
Schmidt, Dr. (John) Jack C. Professor (Stream Geomorphology)
Schmidt, Dr. Robert H. Associate Professor (Research Interests: wildlife policy and human dimensions, wildlife damage management)
Schmook, Birgit Adjunct Professor (Research Interests: cultural and political ecology, agrarian studies, environmental impacts of migration, Mexico and Latin America)
Schroer, Matt Researcher II - Taxonomist
Schultz, Jennifer Staff Assistant III
Schupp, Dr. Eugene W. Professor (Plant Population Ecology and Restoration Ecology)
Scott, Dr. Michael Adjunct Assistant Professor
Sharik, Dr. Terry L. Emeritus Professor (Forest Ecology, Educational Reform in Natural Resources, National and Global Enrollment Trends in Natural Resources)
Shultz, Dr. Leila Emeritus Research Professor (Plant Taxonomy and Geography)
Smith, Dr. Jordan
Smith, Michael Senior Instructor: Environmental with The Shipley Group, Inc.
Solomon, Rhey Senior Instructor, Environmental with The Shipley Group, Inc.
Stephens, Kate Adjunct Instructor (environmental education)
Stoner, Dr. David C. Postdoctoral Fellow II
Strand, Holly Research Associate/Science Communications Specialist
Tagg, Matt Researcher II - Taxonomist
Tainter, Dr. Joseph Professor (Research Interests: social conflict in environmental issues, human responses to climate change and environmental degradation, human uses of energy and resources).
Tarboton, Dr. David Adjunct Assistant Professor
Taylor, Mike Watershed Department Associate
Teller, Brittany Postdoctoral Fellow III
Thacker, Dr. Eric Assistant Professor (Range Extension Specialist)
Thiede, Gary P. Researcher II (Fishery Biologist)
Thom, Dr. Derrick Emeritus
Thomas, Briana Ecology Center
Toth, Richard E. Emeritus (Research Interests: bioregional planning & water resources management)
Trejo, Brianne Ecology Center
Van Miegroet, Dr. Helga Professor (Wildland Soils and Biogeochemistry)
Vander Laan, Jacob Research Associate
Veblen, Dr. Kari E. Assistant Professor (Rangeland Ecology, Restoration Ecology)
Villalba, Dr. Juan J. Associate Professor (Foraging Behavior)
Vinson, Dr. Mark Adjunct Research Assistant Professor (Aquatic Invertebrates)
Wagner, Dr. Frederic H. Emeritus Professor (Wildlife Ecology, Natural Resources Policy)
Warren-Kretzschmar, Barty Adjunct Assistant Professor (Research Interests: Bioregional Planning)
Weeks, John B. Senior Systems Administrator
Welsh, Dr. Lisa NEPA Program Academic Assistant
West, Dr. Neil E. Emeritus Professor (Rangeland Desertification/Condition/Trend)
Wheaton, Dr. Joseph Michael Assistant Professor (Fluvial geomorphology, ecogeomorphology, ecohydraulics, stream and river restoration, riverine monitoring and adaptive management)
Whigham, Dennis Adjunct Assistant Professor
White, Dr. Michael Adjunct Associate Professor
Wilcock, Dr. Peter Professor and Department Head (Sediment transport, River mechanics, Management and restoration)
Wilson, Dr. Chris Adjunct Assistant Professor
Witt, Shelly USDA Forest Service - Continuing Education Program Leader
Wolfe, Dr. Michael Emeritus Professor (Wildlife Ecology and Management)
Workman, Dr. John P. Emeritus Professor (Range Economics)
Wurtsbaugh, Dr. Wayne A. Professor (Limnology, landscape ecology, aquatic ecology, saline lakes, nutrients, phytoplankton, zooplankton, fish, Artemia, pollution, international studies)
Young, Dr. Julie Assistant Professor (USDA National Wildlife Research Center, Predator Behavior and Ecology)