This international meeting of western pathologists is designed to provide an opportunity to review all activities in forest pathology. The over reaching aim is to recognize the many varied problems in forest diseases and of the values to be derived through the evaluation of problems of mutual interest and concern. The Conference Proceedings feature individual presentation, field trips, posters, and panel discussions on new, epidemic, and persistent concerns about forest diseases and the interactions between those diseases and environmental change. 

An archive of WIFDWC proceedings (1953-2001) is available on CD-ROM for $55.00 Order Form. 

Conference Proceedings

1984 - 32nd Conference Supplement - Common Tree Diseases

2003 - 51st Annual Conference

2004 - 52nd Annual Conference

2005 - 53rd Annual Conference

2006 - 54th Annual Conference

2007 - 55th Annual Conference

2008 - 56th Annual Conference

2009 - 57th Annual Conference

2010 - 58th Annual Conference

2011 - 59th Annual Conference 

2012 - 60th Annual Conference

Past Conference Websites

WIFDWC 2013, Waterton Park, Alberta, Canada

WIFDWC 2012, Lake Tahoe, California

WIFDWC 2011, Leavenworth, Washington

WIFDWC 2010, Valemount, British Columbia

WIFDWC 2009, Durango, Colorado

WIFDWC 2008, Missoula, Montana

WIFDWC 2007, Sedona, Arizona

WIFDWC 2006, Smithers, British Columbia

WIFDWC 2005, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

WIFDWC 2004, San Diego, California

WIFDWC 2003, Grants Pass, Oregon

WIFDWC 2002, Powell River, British Columbia

WIFDWC 2001, Carmel, California