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Name Title Email
Bailey, Brian Staff Assistant II
Bailey, Marsha Staff Assistant III
Baker, Dr. Barry Adjunct Associate Professor (Research Interests: bioclimatology, climate change, ecosystem modeling, and human ecology)
Baker, Dr. Frederick A. Emeritus Associate Professor (Forest Pathology, Computer Applications)
Baker, Dr. Matthew Adjunct Assistant Professor
Baker, Dr. Michelle Adjunct Professor (Aquatic Ecology)
Baldwin, Ben Project Coordinator III
Bangen, Sara Researcher
Banner, Dr. Roger E. Emeritus Associate Professor (Range Extension Specialist)
Barr, Lana Administrative Assistant SR
Bates, Keith J. Programmer/Analyst III
Beard, Dr. Karen H. Professor (Community Ecology, Ecosystem Ecology, Conservation Biology)
Belmont, Dr. Patrick Assistant Professor (watershed hydrology,sediment dynamics, geomorphology, morphodynamics)
Belmont, Shannon Water Resources Researcher and GIS Instructor
Belton, Lorien R. Program Coordinator II
Bennett, Stephen Researcher, Restoration Scientist
Beorchia, Mykel Academic Advisor I
Bierschwale, Carol Budget Officer II
Bissonette, Dr. John A. Emeritus Professor (Landscape Ecology, Terrestrial Vertebrate Ecology, Wildlife Management)
Bouwes, Dr. Nicolaas Adjunct Assistant Professor (Fish Habitat)
Box, Dr. Thadis W. Emeritus Professor (Range Management)
Brain, Dr. Roslynn Assistant Professor (Research Interests: sustainable communities, proenvironmental behavior change, nonformal teaching techniques)
Brunson, Dr. Mark W. Professor (Research Interests: human ecology, environment-behavior interactions)
Budy, Dr. Phaedra Professor and Unit Leader. U.S. Geological Survey - Utah Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit (Aquatic Research Ecologist)
Burr, Dr. Steven W. Associate Professor (Research Interests: outdoor recreation and natural resources- based tourism)
Burritt, Beth Extension Assistant Professor (Rangeland Extension, Livestock Behavior)
Busby, Dr. Fee Professor (Effects of Livestock Grazing)