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Dr. Todd A. Crowl

Dr. Todd A. Crowl

Professor (Biometry, Conservation Biology, Biodiversity)
Department: Ecology Center, Watershed Sciences
Departmental Role: Watershed Sciences Faculty
Status: Faculty
Location:  BNR 175
Office Phone:  435.797.2498
Fax:  435.797.1871
Utah State University
Department of Watershed Sciences
5210 Old Main Hill
Logan, Utah 84322-5210

 iUTAH - - innovative Urban Transitions and Aridregion Hydro-sustainability


    NR 2220 - General Ecology (Syllabus, Fall 2012)

Current Graduate Students:

   Omar Perez-Reyez - PhD - Ecology
   David Pluth - MS - Watershed Science
   Deanna Strohm - MS - Fisheries Biology
   Kit Wheeler - PhD - Ecology 
   Jason Bahr - PhD - Watershed Science (co-advisor with Dr. Michelle Baker) 

NSF Biocomplexity Project:
Modeling Complex Interactions of Overlapping River and Road Networks in a Changing Landscape





Luquillo Experimental Forest
Long-Term Ecological Research Project