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The Utah State University Dendro Laboratory was established in 2005. Since 2005 the Dendro lab has grown substantially and is currently supporting a large diversity of dendrochronological research. (to see our facilities click here)

What do we do in the Dendro Lab at USU?

  • Dendroclimatology
  • Tree-ring reconstructions of river flow
  • Dendroecology
  • Growth and yield modeling

 You can see highlights of this research by clicking here

Funding for the Dendro Lab has come from: 


News and highlights in the Dendro Lab:

April , 2011 - Congratulations to Eric Allen who received funding from the Ecology Center for his streamflow reconstruction work. 

March 24th, 2011 - Congratulations to Dendro Lab Undergraduate Researcher Donovan Birch who just received funding from URCO, http://research.usu.edu/htm/news-media-and-events/news/articleID=12207.

We have just recently finished measuring over 4,000 increment cores in Utah collected by the Interior West, Forest Inventory and Analysis. This is part of a massive project to archive and analyze increment cores across all eight Interior West states (Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming). These data will be made publicly available for future analyses. 

Forest Inventory and Analysis tree-ring data 

The USU Dendro Lab is currently involved in a large project to measure and archive all the increment cores taken during the Forest Service FIA periodic inventory. FIA has a systematic grid of permanent plots established across the country (1 plot per ~ 6 square miles). From each plot 1 or 2 increment cores were taken from site trees, to estimate age and growth increment. The Dendro Lab is digitizing all of the increment cores from the 8 Interior West states, one state at a time, and conducting preliminary analyses on this spatially rich dataset. 

Preliminary analyses with this unparalleled spatial dataset are currently underway. Click here to the research projects being undertaken by Donovan Birch and Justin DeRose.

The USU Dendro lab has the equipment and facilities to collect, process, measure, and analyze tree-ring data. (to see our facilities click here)


Internal USU collaborators with the Dendro Lab:

Tammy Ritttenour | Roger Kjelgren | Fred Baker | Karen Mock 

External collaborators: 

Rosemary Sherriff | Giorgio Vacchiano | Miroslav Svoboda | Matt Bekker | Yueh-Hsin 

Dendro Lab technicians -  For over five years the Dendro lab has been a great place for undergraduates in the College of Natural Resources to get hands-on training with forest and woodland laboratory and field methods of data collection, preparation, and analysis.

Current technicians:

  • Donovan Birch (lead technician and researcher)
  • Christopher Haskell
  • Jacob Keough
  • Shane Hill

Previous technicians:

  • Seth Ex
  • Dustin Mitchell
  • Cigi Mundy
  • April Brough
  • Dustin Lamoreaux
  • Emilee Poppleton
  • Heather Phillips
  • Marla Kirschbaum
  • Cody Dalton
  • Elizabeth Goss
  • Randon Golding
  • Matt Parsons
  • Drew White
  • Scott Crookston
  • Peter Howard
  • Samuel Rivera
  • Saya Lenz
  • Shane Stickney