Renewal Requirements

When you signed the Quinney Acceptance Agreement you agreed to uphold the standards of the Quinney Scholars in maintaining:

  • A minimum of 15 "quality" hours (letter graded credits) per semester, averaged over two semesters.
  • A minimum of a 3.2 grade point average over two semesters.
  • Normal progress in taking required courses (or prerequisites) for a Quinney College of Natural Resources major.
  • Participation and involvement, in a minimum of one extracurricular activity from each category below, in the Quinney College of Natural Resources.

Involvement Form

Please complete this form after each event.

Quinney Scholar Involvement Information

As part of the Quinney Scholarship, students are required to participate in a service event, an educational event, and a social event each semester.  Here are some ideas for the 2013-2014 academic year:


  • Natural Resources Week Volunteer 
  • Recruitment Opportunities with QCNR Ambassadors
  • ASUSU Service Activities/Club
  • Tuesday Social Hour in the Atrium
  • Volunteer experience with QCNR clubs


  • Two lectures from the Ecology Center Seminar Series
  • Two lectures from the QCNR/Departmental seminar series
  • Wildlife Conclave team member
  • URME team member
  • Undergraduate research
  • NR Week keynote speaker 


  • QCNR Opening Social 
  • Leadership Retreat 
  • Winter Social
  • QCNR Club Activities and Meetings (2 per semester)
  • Undergraduate Student Council sponsored events

Leave of Absence

Need to take a Leave of Absence for a semester or more? Contact the Academic Service Center to carry your Quinney Scholarship over for when you return.
Please be sure to complete the official Leave of Absence form with the University: 

Leave of Absence - USU